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2019 Victorian Temporal Bone Dissection Course

Course Location:

College of Surgeons' Gardens, 250/290 Spring St, East Melbourne, Victoria

Course Dates:

Friday 26th - Saturday 27th July, 2019

Course Timetable:

Friday 8:00am - 5:30pm
Saturday 8:00am - 5:00pm 


Please email expressions of interest to Sally Gyzen, ASOHNS SET Program Administrator
Limited spots available - first in first served basis

Course Instructors and Speakers

  • Rob Briggs
  • Markus Dahm
  • Michael Dobson
  • Simon Ellul
  • Jean-Marc Gerard
  • Claire Iseli
  • Hari Jayerajan
  • Richard Kennedy
  • Randal Leung
  • Stephen O'Leary
  • Elizabeth Rose
  • Alex Saxby
  • Michael Tykocinski
  • Robert Webb
  • Alistair Mitchell

Program Friday 26th July 2019


08:00 Introduction Hari Jayerajan & Jean-Marc Gerard
08:10 Canaloplasty and Trans-mastoid approach Claire Iseli
08:45 Demonstration: canaloplasty/transmastoid approach  Instructor
09:15 Dissection on temporal bone (1st speciman)  
11:00 Morning Tea  
11:20 Dissection  
13:00 Lunch  
13:15 Middle ear anatomy behind teh corner Bing Teh
13:30 Ossiculoplasty: tricks and tips Jean-Marc Gerard
13:45 Surgery for vertigo Claire Iseli
14:00 Demonstration: canal wall down technique Instructor
14:20 Dissection  
05:00pm Hearing implant solutions Instructor


Saturday 26th July 2019


08:00 Mastoidectomy: decisions and technique Richard Kennedy
08:20 Tips and pearls in EES Alex Saxby
08:40 Otoneurosurgical approaches Rob Briggs
09:00 Demonstration: Trans-labyrinthine and -otic approach Instructor
09:30 Dissection (2nd Speciman)  
11:00 Morning Tea  
11:20 Dissection  
13:00 Management of COSM: myringoplasty  Randal Leung
13:20 Eustachian tube balloon dilatation Alex Saxby
13:30 Stapes surgery Simon Ellul/Markus Dahm
13:50 Assessment of a dizzy patient Stephen O'Leary/Michael Dobson
14:00 Dissection  
17:00 Close